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Ever since its introduction, our NAD+ Drip has proved popular with those struggling with brain fog, low energy, poor concentration / focus, mood disorders, and more. It’s helped many of our clients effectively support their wellbeing, and we’re so glad!

Have you always wanted to try our NAD+ Drip but never have the time? Our brand new 250mg NAD+ Drip has arrived and is administered in only 30-45 minutes! 

Our NAD+ Services:

  • NAD+ Booster Shot Injection (SC) 60mg £100
  • NAD+ Drip (IV) 250mg (approx. 30-45 mins) £250
  • NAD+ Drip (IV) 500mg (approx. 90-120 mins) £400
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NAD+ is now available in two different forms: IV Drip and Booster Shot Injection.
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Additional Information

We recently upgraded our classic NADH to NAD+.

NAD+ & NADH are a redox couple, which means that one is reduced (NADH) and the other is oxidised (NAD+) in the redox reaction process. This reaction is vital for cellular energy production and metabolism. With cell health forming the basis of our broader health and wellbeing – it is really important for us to support our bodies in this aspect.

Both NAD+ and NADH are two sides of the same coin, sharing many health benefits. However, it’s our NAD+ levels that decline as we age – which is why research shows that supplementing with NAD+ is better than using NADH.

We always want to do our very best for our clients, which is why we decided to upgrade our NADH to superior NAD+… and at no additional cost!

Want to know more about Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide and its many benefits? Find out here.

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Our NAD+ Services

NAD+ Booster Shot Injection (SC): £100
  • NAD+ (60mg)
NAD+ Drip (IV) 250mg: £250
  • NAD+ (250mg)
  • Sodium Chloride 250ml (242mmol)

Always wanted to try our NAD+ Drip but never have the time? Our brand new 250mg NAD+ Drip has arrived and is administered over only 30-45 minutes!

NAD+ Drip (IV) 500mg: £400
  • NAD+ (500mg)
  • Sodium Chloride 250ml (242mmol)

Please note: 500mg NAD+ Drip is administered over a minimum of 90 minutes.

Our last appointment for 500mg NAD+ Drip is 5pm Monday – Saturday and 4pm on Sundays. This applies to our core London clinics.

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