Vitamin D Booster Shot


Vitamin D

Living in the cool UK climate, it can be tricky to get the Vitamin D we need from the sun.

The UK Government recommends that everyone in the UK supplements with Vitamin D for at the winter months between October to March at the very least, when sunlight is at its lowest.

Vitamin D Booster Shots start from £40. Larger doses are available only upon receipt of Get A Drip’s Instant Vitamin D Blood Test Results.

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Vitamin D

Contributes to:

  • Normal absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus
  • Normal blood calcium levels
  • Maintenance of normal bones
  • Maintenance of normal muscle function
  • Maintenance of normal teeth
  • Normal function of the immune system
  • Process of cell division
  • Reduced risk of falling associated with postural instability and muscle weakness. Falling is a risk factor for bone fractures among men and women 60 years of age and older.

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