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Get A Drip is the UK’s number one Vitamin Drip provider. To date we have administered over 20,000 IV Vitamin Drips and Booster Shots from our premium central London locations and now have demand from all over the UK.

An award winning company with press coverage in The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sun, GQ and Grazia to name but a few, we’re known for disrupting the wellness industry and alongside our extensive menu we offer DNA tests to enable our customers to give their bodies the exact nutrition it requires based on their unique genetic makeup.

We are offering you the opportunity to benefit from the Get A Drip brand and become a Get A Drip Franchisee with our franchise opportunities.

Daily Life of A Franchisee

Life as a Get A Drip franchisee is fast paced and exciting with no 2 days the same. There are a number of tasks to

complete to ensure your business grows at a pace you’re happy with; whether you’re in clinic welcoming your clients,
working on your marketing plan or meeting with other local businesses to discuss collaboration, you can be guaranteed
that your work is enjoyable and rewarding.



We believe that all members of the team should undergo the same training, from the franchisee down to the front of house staff. This helps to imbibe our vision for the company and to communicate our values to everyone who is representing the brand. We offer a five day CPD-accredited training program which is run by our head nurse, chief medical officer doctor and franchise manager. You will be fully trained in all aspects of owning, operating and marketing your Get A Drip Franchise.

Our Mobile Get A Drip technicians are invited to undertake training in our London Clinic; while Concession and Full Clinic owners will receive training in their own premises. Training comprises a two-day comprehensive course for our Booster Shot services and a three-day training course for our Vitamin Drip training with the opportunity to try practical techniques in a supported environment.

 You must be a Doctor, Nurse or similarly qualified Medical Professional with the necessary experience/qualifications to deliver the Booster Shots and IV Drips. However, you may wish to invest in a Get A Drip Franchise and employ suitably qualified medical staff to deliver the Booster Shots and IV Drips, in which case your employees will also have to undertake and pass the CPD accredited training course. All employees are required to undertake re-accreditation every twelve months.

How Do I Benefit From Franchising?

  • Proven business model 
  • Reduction of risk compared to starting your own business
  • Buying into an established brand
  • Peer support
  • Ongoing business coaching and training
  • National marketing
  • Systems and processes already in place
  • We are experts in our field
  • We lead the way and push boundaries
  • We provide the feel good factor
  • We offer unforgettable experiences
  • We are authentic
  • We are friendly, approachable and fun
  • We avoid being over-medical or clinical in feel or appearance

Frequently Asked Questions

Get A Drip is an established brand with a team of world class Doctors, Nurses Nutritionists and Pharmacists. Benefit from our experience, reputation, brand and promotion by offering Get A Drip services to your own clients.

We are offering three different franchises.

Full franchise: Open a full Get A Drip clinic.

Concession franchise: Add the Get A Drip services to your existing clinic, salon or spa.

Mobile franchise: become a mobile Get A Drip operator and offer home and office visits to your customers, so you can begin trading with very little financial outlay.

The person who administers the Drips and Booster Shots must be a Nurse, Doctor or Technician/EMT and undertake our five day training course.

We will offer you all the marketing and operational support that you need to be a Get A Drip Franchisee.

Yes! We offer franchises all over the world. Please get in touch if you would like further information. 

Please fill out the form below with some initial information about yourself and we will send you an information pack.

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