Get A Drip Diagnostics & Callouts

Blood Testing

Discover quick and effective blood testing services at Get A Drip, your premier destination for proactive health management. Our comprehensive blood tests swiftly identify deficiencies and other crucial health indicators, ensuring timely treatment and optimal wellness and longevity. Whether you prefer booking online or walking into one of our clinics, our blood testing appointments are available every day of the week for your convenience. Your results will be reviewed by our registered Doctors and promptly delivered to you via email, accompanied by personalised recommendations.

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Elevate your longevity and wellness journey with Get A Drip’s call-out service. Experience the benefits of IV therapies, booster shots, and our cutting-edge longevity services in the comfort of your own space. Whether you’re at home, the office, or your event venue, our expert team brings premium health solutions directly to you.

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Cancer Screening Blood Test

Discover peace of mind with innovative early cancer screening at Get A Drip. Our advanced diagnostic services offer proactive detection and personalised care for your wellbeing. Book now for comprehensive screening and take control of your health journey.

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DNA Testing

Nutrigenomic testing enables us to look in detail at our DNA, so we can understand our unique personal health ‘blueprint’. Small but important differences in our genetic make-up can have significant impacts on our life and health – from hormones to heart, metabolism to mental health, and much more. Discover your DNA with a personalised test.

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Gut Testing

Uncover your gut’s secrets with Get A Drip’s Gut Test. Explore microbiome protection, dietary impact, and personalised recommendations. Assess probiotics, lactose, gluten metabolism, and more. Plus, enjoy a free consultation with a registered nutritional therapist. Optimise your gut health today!

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Vitamin D Testing

Discover the power of Vitamin D with Get A Drip’s Instant Vitamin D Test—results in just 15 minutes! Vitamin D impacts vital bodily functions like bone health, immune system, and mood. At Get A Drip, we offer quick, convenient testing and personalised recommendations to boost your levels.

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