Welcome Our Brand New Product…Triple B12

You’ve heard of B12… But have you heard of Triple B12?

Vitamin B12 injections have gained a lot of publicity over recent months to years. It seems every health clinic offers these in some description now. We still maintain that Get a Drip is the biggest and best and we can back that claim up with the exciting new arrival of our Triple B12 formula now available alongside our other highly popular methylcobalamin and hydroxocobalamin forms of B12. This is available as a booster shot or IV bolt on to existing packages and offer a combination of 3 forms of B12 (methylcobalamin 2mg, adenosylcobalamin 2mg and hydroxocobalamin 1mg) for added effect and duration of action. 

There are 2 active forms of Vitamin B12 in human cells, methyl and adenosylcobalamin. Methylcobalamin is active in cell cytoplasm and is used to produce energy whereas adenosylcobalamin is active in mitochondria and is used to produce energy here, as well as being the main storage form of B12 in the liver. Hydroxocobalamin is an inactive form of B12 which needs to be metabolised to either methylcobalamin or adenosylcobalamin and therefore tends to last longer in the body due to this conversion taking some time. By having a Triple B12 at Get a Drip, clients will get all of the above giving a complete rounded delivery of B12 for immediate energy release, prolonged energy release and storage of B12 for longer term energy release. Of course B12 is used for many other things in the body such as metabolic pathways, production of healthy nerves and blood cells. All of these will also have immediate and prolonged benefits too. 

Do you have B12 injections regularly from us? We’d love you to try this new product and let us know how this compares to your usual B12 booster. Book in now!

Vitamin ADEK – What do you really know about fat soluble vitamins?

How well do you know your vitamins? Do you take a supplement daily, or are you one of our loyal customers who has tried vitamin drips and booster shots? Do you know your water soluble from your fat soluble vitamins? Well at Get a Drip we are launching a brand new product which we are really excited about and think you will be too, a new booster shot with a complete combination of all your fat soluble vitamins, in one easy injection!

Vitamins are broadly categorised into water and fat soluble, depending on what they dissolve in. At Get a drip we already offer a wide range of water soluble vitamins in various packages and boosters. We are pleased to announce our new Vitamin A, D, E and K booster shot, a complete package of all your fat soluble vitamins previously not available at Get a Drip, possibly even the UK! 

The ADEK booster shot is an injection which can be given straight into the muscle, like our other booster shots and does not require a cannula or sitting around for a drip to run through. It contains 10,000 units Vitamin A, 10,000 units Vitamin D, 100 units vitamin E and 10mg vitamin K. This can be given initially on a weekly basis up to 8 weeks duration to boost levels, followed by a monthly maintenance dose. This can also be added as a booster to other drip packages so customers can get all of their fat and water soluble vitamins in one sitting. 

Vitamin A is something we haven’t been able to offer at Get a Drip in any form until now. It is primarily used to help with vision, particularly in low light conditions but also has a role in promoting the immune system as well as keeping skin and hair healthy. Vitamin D2 is one of our biggest selling products at Get a Drip however our ADEK combination contains non-vegan vitamin D3, and alternative to helping boost your immune system and maintaining healthy teeth and bones. Vitamin E is another product previously unavailable and we are excited to offer this powerful antioxidant alongside our other antioxidants already available. Vitamin E actively works alongside vitamin C, selenium and zinc to increase antioxidant effects within cells. Vitamin K is also a relatively new product to our menu which is used to promote blood clotting cascades and wound healing as well as helping vitamin D activation and increasing bone strength. The best thing about this is, all of these are available together so you don’t need to choose and you can  receive the benefits of all.

Book in to try it yourself!