Davinia Taylor Visits Get A Drip

Davinia Taylor Getting an IV Drip

An Interview With Davinia Taylor

Hi Davinia, thank you for chatting to us about health and biohacking today! You’ve had a DNA test previously, what made you do it and have you changed anything about your lifestyle since getting the results?

I’m now aware of my methylation cycle and am trying to support it with the correct B12 and lithium levels! All a balancing act which is super interesting!

You’re into biohacking – how did you become interested in it?

Initially it was via the bulletproof diet when I was trying to drop excess baby weight after my fourth son… I then signed up to my first Spartan race and realised I needed all the support I could get in the least amount of time! Time is always against me with having so many kids to ferry about!

What elements of biohacking have you adopted into your everyday life?

I’m a fan of IF (intermittent fasting), bulletproof coffee, infrared saunas (using niacin supplements), ice baths, cold water swimming, IV Vitamin Drips, light therapy, cryogenic therapy, breath work, transcendental meditation, organic foods and supplements. To name a few!

How has bio-hacking and optimum nutrition affected your life?

I feel a sense of control which gives me comfort in the sense that I’m not at the mercy of chance when it comes to my health… I am in tune with my symptoms and now feel I can get to the root of any problem as opposed to masking them. I also feel I am setting a great example to my children who are now learning to look past the marketing of food products and read the labels thus taking control of their bodies and minds.

Is there anything in the world of biohacking or optimum nutrition that you want to try but haven’t yet?

Absolutely ….NAD+IV!!!! I want to repair my DNA due to the abuse I put my body through during my years of active addiction and alcoholism.

And finally, can you let us into the secret of some of your favourite wellness places in London (e.g. studios/gyms, cafes/restaurants, salons etc)?

  • Barry’s Bootcamp for the endorphins and the quick cardio fix if I’m feeling unmotivated! At least once a month to keep an eye on my fitness levels!
  • Leon and Ceviche in soho for take away delivery.
  • Natalie in Mayfair for a great fast food pit stop which is still glamorous yet quick.
  • Planet Organic for grocery shopping.
  • Farmdrop for online shopping (includes bones for bone broth).
  • London Cryo for a quick recovery after a workout.
  • Get A Drip for well priced and drop-in IV Vitamin Drips – super convenient!!
  • Hyde Park to do a beautiful 7k run!
  • The Serpentine in Hyde Park or Hampstead lido for a winter swim (also a sauna in Hampstead).
  • My gym is White City soho house (my second home and the best infrared sauna in London).
  • Exhale Pilates in Camden for classic Pilates to help me stay supple and keep me injury free.
  • @gokombucha (green sencha) for a monthly crate of delicious kombucha delivered to my door! The best on the market at the moment. Great wine alternative.