The Power of Magnesium

When you hear the word ‘Magnesium’, some of you may think about the shiny, grey chemical element on the Periodic Table. However, it is so much more than just any alkaline earth metal. Magnesium possesses a variety of different abilities that can benefit our health both short term and long term! 

So, what is Magnesium? Magnesium is a mineral that plays an essential role in over 600 cellular reactions and assists over 300 enzymes to carry out multiple chemical reactions in the body. In doing so, it plays a vital role in relaying signals between your brain and your body by acting as the gatekeeper for the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors – which are found on your nerve cells. To be put simply, Magnesium helps to send an electric signal from your brain to your body so your body is then able to move, react and feel. Another essential role that Magnesium plays is that it turns the food we eat into vital energy production. These various chemical reactions play an important role in brain development, memory and learning. On top of this, Magnesium also aids in building proteins to ensure we have strong, healthy bones and acts as an electrical conductor that contracts the muscles to make sure that our heart beat is steady.

As you may or may not know, there are several different types of Magnesium that each have their own benefit, so, let’s go ahead and break that down for you. 

Magnesium Hydroxide: Acting as an antacid, Magnesium Hydroxide acts as a base that can react with acids. As a result, this Magnesium will usually help if you have excess acid in your stomach as it is able to neutralise the excess and relieve symptoms. 

Magnesium Chloride: This form of Magnesium is most prevalent in treating Magnesium deficiency and is used as over-the-counter medication. 

Magnesium Glycinate: This type of Magnesium has been used for its ability to relieve stress, anxiety and to promote better sleep and has also been shown to naturally support muscle relaxation.

Magnesium Sulphate: This form of Magnesium is used in medication to boost Magnesium levels, stress reduction, toxin elimination, pain relief and blood sugar improvement. 

How does adding Magnesium into your lifestyle benefit you? 

Due to its importance in chemical reactions in our bodies, adding Magnesium into our diet or lifestyle has many benefits, including: 

💧Maintains a healthy heartbeat 

💧Contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue 

💧Contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism 

💧Normal function of the nervous system 

💧Contributes to normal muscle function 

💧Contributes to normal protein synthesis 

💧Contributes to normal psychological function 

💧And more! 

Another fascinating feature of Magnesium is that anyone can benefit from it! Adding more Magnesium into your diet can help boost any of the listed above benefits for an overall healthier lifestyle. 

There are several ways in which Magnesium can be depleted from our bodies at a quicker rate. During stressful times – such as feeling overwhelmed with work deadlines, or if there is a physical stressor such as getting your period – the body excretes Magnesium in response. Unfortunately for us, some of our responses in order to deal with stress, such as drinking extra cups of coffee to meet deadlines or drinking alcohol after a long day, also depletes the Magnesium in our body as it gets flushed out at a quicker rate. 

According to the NHS, the recommended daily intake of Magnesium for men (19-64 years) is 300mg, and for women (19-64 years) is 270mg a day. The majority of our Magnesium intake comes from our diet, and therefore it is important that we eat healthy and be mindful of what we are consuming to ensure that we are getting all of our vital nutrients. Foods that are high in Magnesium include: nuts, spinach, and fish. If you are not receiving enough Magnesium, you may experience symptoms such as: loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, muscle spasms and sleeplessness. 

The good news is that getting your fill of Magnesium is achievable by taking note of the types of food we eat. Lucky for you, we’ve made it even easier for you to reach optimal Magnesium levels by making it into one of our IV Drip Extras! Add it on as an extra or choose from one of our Drips that already contains Magnesium such as our Energy Drip, Signature Drip or Limitless Drip!  

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