Meet Adrian: From Clinic Staff to Franchise Owner

Get A Drip is constantly growing with new locations popping up every couple of months, and we couldn’t be more excited! Today, we are adding another location onto the ever-growing list, Salford! So, let’s meet the owner! 

Adrian started his journey with Get A Drip 2 years ago as a Clinic Nurse, and worked in our Core Clinics across London. He mentioned how he “saw the benefits of the services we provide first hand, and how much Vitamins and Minerals make a big difference in someone’s health. I decided to start my Get A Drip Franchise as I wanted to provide this opportunity to more people in other locations so that other people can benefit from our services.” 

Keep reading to find out more about Adrians’ Drip to success and his journey!  

What has the process been like for you in setting up your own Franchise? 

It’s been a roller coaster ride, since I’ve always been an employee and setting up a business is certainly unchartered waters for me. From writing up a business plan, setting up a limited company and getting an accountant and solicitor plus reading a number of legal documents, it certainly was not a walk in the park for someone like me. However, everyone has been helpful and provided tips and recommendations to make the transition easier. 

What kind of support have you received from the GAD Team? 

The GAD team was a tremendous help! They  recommended a finance advisor to help me out with the business plan to make it seamless with achievable targets, ensuring that I was ready for launch and I had everything I needed. The marketing team had a meeting with me to help spread the word of my launch and provided assets for me to use. Both teams have been really supportive and always available at hand.

What are you looking forward to the most with your launch and having your own GAD Franchise? 

It’s been almost a month since I left the GAD core clinics, and I’m just ready and excited to go back to what I’m really good at:  providing excellent customer service with superb advice and treatment, making it a comfortable experience for my clients! 

What are your future plans and goals for GAD Salford?

I would love to grow my client database in Salford and the surrounding Manchester areas, and eventually recruit staff to be able to cater the growing need of the services I will provide. Ultimately, since I’ve worked in the GAD clinics in London, I would of course want to set up my own clinic and expand the treatments I offer such as ozone therapy, red light therapy, and cryotherapy, also to other treatments modalities Get A Drip has in the pipelines.

How did you decide on the location for your Franchise? 

I decided to venture out away from London (where I have always lived in the UK), so I thought what better alternative than Manchester! it’s up and coming, and very diverse. It may be smaller than London as a city but it has its own charm to it. 

What have been some notable moments during your transition from a GAD Nurse to having your own Franchise?

I guess being a GAD nurse and training lead at that time gave me some advantage as I’ve pretty much worked with everyone in the business. From fun marketing events, call outs for celebrity clients, and attending franchise days provided me with an opportunity to interact with all aspects of the business. So when my franchise application was finalised, I had an outpouring of love and support from everyone. Plus it really was heartwarming as well prior to me leaving the good luck I received from both workmates and clients that I’ve come to know from working at GAD. 

Get A Drip Salford is a mobile franchise and is now offering Vitamin Drips, Vitamin Injections and Compression Therapy! 

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