Keep your Health Data on you at all Times!

What are Implantables?

Get A Drip have partnered with Impli, a cutting edge biotech brand, to bring you Implantables! Implantables are sub-dermal implants (the size of a grain of rice) that sit just beneath your skin in your hand. They allow you to keep your most vital medical information with you at all times by simply tapping your Implantable on the Impli app.

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Who are Implantables for?

Implantables are for anyone who wish to keep their medical data with them at all times. Implants are popular with those who:

Travel frequently and may need their health data with them at a moments notice.

Have underlying medical conditions such as diabetics who may need to visit hospital sporadically and unexpectedly.

Have an active lifestyle (e.g. cyclists) and as a result are at higher risk of being in accidents that may require hospital visits.

“Impli offers an innovative implantable product, aimed at helping people to manage their medical data in the safest, most convenient way”

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Procedure Like?

The implant is fitted with a syringe by a Get A Drip medical professional inside the Get A Drip clinic. The Implant is inserted just under the skin in the space between the index finger and thumb on the non-dominant hand.

How Does it Work?

The Implant uses Near Field Communication-Enabled (NFC) technology (the same technology used your credit card for example) to store your health data.

Where Does my Data go?

Data security is extremely important. Your ‘In Case of Emergency’ Data can be accessed by any device with NFC reading capabilities. All other data that is stored within your account and can only be accessed by you.

Am I Going to be GPS Tracked with the Device?!

Absolutely not! The device is a passive device. This means that the device cannot communicate information unless an NFC reader is 1cm from the device.

How Will Emergency Services Know I Have an Implant?

Impli is distributing information to emergency service departments and will continue to spread awareness and information about the initiative. This allows professionals to feel the presence of the implant and then scan with their smartphones to read its information.