Ozone Therapy: Now Available at Canary Wharf & King’s Road!

Although it may sound relatively new, Ozone Therapy has actually been around since the late 19th century. Originally used for its antimicrobial properties to disinfect drinking water, Ozone Therapy has progressed with the aid in modern medicine and techniques, to now being used by thousands of doctors all over the world, used for its remarkable healing properties. And as of next Monday 14th November, it will be available at our Canary Wharf & King’s Road branch for Get A Drip clients!

But what does it do, exactly? In order to understand, we first have to break down what Ozone is. It is no surprise that oxygen is essential in life, and low levels of oxygen can quickly lead to brain fog and cognitive impairment, as well as other troublesome symptoms. After all, oxidative processes are vital for fundamental cellular processes, such as respiration and energy production. Basically – think of Ozone as a supercharged oxygen molecule. While typically we see the oxygen molecule as O2, Ozone is referred to as O3, as it provides us with one more oxygen molecule. Ozone provides that extra boost that we may need to help maintain good health and level up our wellbeing. 

To be put simply, Ozone Therapy is the process of administering Ozone into the bloodstream for immediate use. Using the latest technology, our IV Ozone Therapy involves gently extracting your blood and passing it through an oxidation chamber. Here, it is combined with an equal volume of ozone at a high concentration before being passed back into your body. 

Once your body has absorbed the O3 into the bloodstream, it quickly uses that third oxygen molecule and creates lipoperoxides (oxidised fat molecules). These then go on to stimulate the immune system and initiate all of Ozone’s beneficial effects. 

What are the benefits? 

Some of the benefits of Ozone Therapy include: 

  • Reduction of inflammation 
  • Improvement of cognitive function 
  • Reduction of microbial load in chronic disease (Lymes, Epstein Barr, Candida etc.) 
  • Increased energy 
  • Rejuvenation of skin cells 
  • Metabolic support

Who can benefit from Ozone Therapy? 

One of the most compelling things about Ozone Therapy is that anyone would be able to benefit from it. Meaning, it can be used either be used both preventatively as well as therapeutically, depending on your health goals. This means that you do not have to wait until you are unwell or in pain to start reaping the many benefits of this service. You can use it as a way to stay healthy, maintain good wellbeing, and aid you in avoiding disease altogether – as well as to address specific health concerns. 

Numerous studies have found that Ozone Therapy can help with over 100 health conditions, including long Covid, fibromyalgia, and more. 

When can I book in for IV Ozone Therapy?

You can start booking in right now! Visit our Canary Wharf booking page and select your chosen Ozone Therapy service to get started. If you’re not sure which of our services is right for you, or simply want to find out a bit more about Ozone before you try it – book a Free Consultation with one of our friendly Medical Staff.