Top Tips to Beat Colds and Flu – Let’s Prevent, Not Cure!

someone washing their hands

We are here to help you beat colds and flu! This year probably more than any other has people worried about picking up cold or flu. With the cold weather often come sniffles and coughs. So, we have created a list of our top tips to help you beat any wintery colds that come your way.

Our Tips

Wash Those Hands

You’ve definitely heard this one so much this year but that’s because it’s true! If there could only be one piece of advice, it would be this one. The CDC recommends scrubbing those hands for a full 20 seconds. However, we know this isn’t always possible so be sure to carry a handy mini sanitiser wherever you go.

Keep Active

We know. It’s tough. It’s cold. We all want to curl up and watch Netflix all day. But, it’s so important to get out and get a sweat on to keep your immune system strong, especially for children.

Don’t Stress

The first step in having a healthy body, is having a healthy immune system. Meaning, if this is ready to go you should be ready to fight off any common cold. Which means your body shouldn’t have any deficiencies that could put the body into overdrive. So, make sure you are eating balanced meals and getting 8 hours of sleep a night. Sometimes this isn’t enough and you need something more. Our Immunity drip is just that.. More! Our Immunity drip  combines Multivit drip with extra Vit C, ensuring all your vitamin needs are met.

Stay Home

If you or your family members are feeling any congestion or fever, stay at home. Not only is this important to reduce prolonging your illness, it protects others.

Know the Difference

Knowing the difference between cold and flu can be  tricky. But the flu can be serious business so knowing the difference is important. The symptoms of a common cold include,  cough and runny nose, whereas the flu is often indicated by fever, chills, body aches and extreme fatigue.


To conclude, knowing about colds and flus is key to beating them. So, basic hygiene, staying active, nutrition and immunity system, staying home and  knowing the signs are all key to staying healthy this flu season