Our New Blood Testing Range has Launched!

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For more information on our new blood testing range scroll down to find out more….

We are so excited to introduce you to our brand new offering… Vitamin & Mineral Blood Testing to go alongside our Vitamin IV and Booster shot offering click here to check out what we have on offer.

Whether you’d like a Vitamin check, Nutrient Profile check or an all round General Health Check, we have it all. You can view our new menu here.

Our various blood tests are able to identify deficiencies within the body that may contribute to you being susceptible to certain medical conditions. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies may also cause you to experience symptoms such as fatigue, regular colds & low moods, and so blood tests are a great diagnostic tool that enables you to know exactly what your body needs.

It felt important in the next evolution of GAD to be able to offer a diagnostic service alongside Vitamin IV’s. Understanding what is going on in your body is absolutely key in order to optimise your health and what vitamins to take. Whether they are intravenously or orally.

The process is very simple, the blood samples are collected in the clinic by our registered healthcare professionals, so you are in very capable hands with us.

Once your results are ready, they will be reviewed by our GMC registered doctors who will be able to give any recommendations or referrals, all written in a report sent together with your blood test results.

Most of the UK population is chronically low in Vitamin D and with the NHS under strain at the moment, if you are feeling deficient and want to know why this is the perfect solution.

For more information, (including tons of FAQ’s!) head over to our Blood Testing page HERE