Breathe Yourself Back; Reconnect to Yourself Through Breathwork

A women sat on a bench looking out at the view of hills during a sunrise

Reconnect to yourself by using the most natural tool – your breath

Want to feel more relaxed and grounded? Learn how to breathe.

“Inhale. Exhale.” This has become a staple expression for the past couple of months, as the turmoil of events and emotions has been swinging us right to left, up and down.

Perhaps it sounds easy when the mind is already calm, but the connection to breath takes real concerted effort when you’re learning to overcome stressful situations and navigate through daily challenges. In fact, our first natural response is to hold or shallow the breath in times of difficulty. But the moment we decrease the quality of the breath, the struggle increases. It’s our natural response. But let’s not forget –  a strong, resilient mind relies on the basics of breath.

Feel How the Breath FEELS

The breath matters for a number of reasons, both subtle and significant. The breath is physical. You can feel it move through your body—in your belly, your ribs, and up into your chest. Observation of breath, on a physical level, gives you a point of focus and distraction from overwhelming thoughts – you literally make your mind drift away from what’s bothering you.

Understand the Science Behind

The breath links directly to the central nervous system. If the breath is shallow, it contributes to an anxious state. On the contrary, deeper, fuller breaths lead to a calm state of mind when you need to keep your cool, like when you’re doing something new and potentially scary.

Let the Breath be Your Guide

A deep connection to breath will help you escape the mind chatter. You stay present without the natural tendency to attach to thoughts that could lead to more distracted and stressed state. Staying with the breath helps us observe these thoughts like a passerby. We don’t get trapped by them – we breathe beyond them.

If you’ve never done breathwork before, here is a quick 3-step guide on how to try it yourself in under 5 minutes:

  1. Sit up tall in a chair or on the floor. Rest your hands on your knees. Gently close your eyes.
  2. Begin breathing deeply in and out through the nose. With each inhale and exhale lightly constrict your throat, creating the ocean sound. Keep this contraction engaged the entire time.
  3. Bring your awareness to the sound of the breath and focus on making it deeper and smoother as you continue to inhale and exhale. Start with 3 minutes in the morning or evening and progress from there.

For guided practice, check out a 30-minute breathwork class on Wanderlust channel with Richie The Breath Guy.

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