Iron Infusion & Diagnostics

Iron Infusion & Diagnostics

From £150

Unveiling our latest innovation: our 15 minute Iron Infusion! 

Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to unstoppable strength, wellness and longevity.  

Our Iron Infusion is paired with cutting-edge diagnostics testing such as our Essential Iron Blood Test as well as a haemoglobin finger prick test.

Please allow for an additional 30 minutes for client observation once the Infusion is completed. Please note that you will need to follow a process in place in order to receive the Iron Infusion. See below our process. 

*Exclusively at our Canary Wharf location

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Therapeutic Indications

Ferinject is indicated for the treatment of iron deficiency when:

  • Oral iron preparations are ineffective
  • Oral iron preparations cannot be used
  • There is clinical need to deliver iron rapidly
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The Process


1. Blood Test


Test your Ferritin levels with us or bring your own Blood Test results from your GP that display your Ferritin levels. Ferritin levels must be < 30 mcg/L in order to qualify for our Iron Infusion. 

Remember, Blood Test results cannot be dated no earlier than 4-6 weeks from the current date.

*If you are deficient, you qualify for the next step of the process.


2. Haemoglobin Test


A quick finger prick Blood Test in clinic to test your Haemoglobin levels. 


3. Iron Infusion

From £300

An IV (Intravenous) Vitamin Drip infused with Ferritin that is administered by one of our medical team over the course of approximately 15-20 minutes. 

After your Iron Infusion, you will be required to stay to be observed by our medical team for 30 minutes after your Iron Infusion is complete.

*Price will range depending on level of deficiency.


4. Reassessment

Free 4 Week Reassessment

A reassessment will take place 4 weeks after your last Iron Infusion. Here, your Haemoglobin (Hb) levels will be retested. 

In the event that you require further Iron repletion, we will recalculate your Iron levels.

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*Get A Drip reserve the right to change the ingredients, prices and products of all our services on a daily basis. Our products, ingredients and prices are subject to change at the discretion of Get A Drip up until payment for your Drip or Booster

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Why do I bruise so easily?

This can be due to a number of vitamin deficiencies such as Vitamin K as people with low levels of Vitamin K may notice easy bruising. This also may be linked to low iron levels as an iron deficiency affects the production and function of the haemoglobin which is essential for transporting oxygen in your blood and maintaining healthy tissue.

Why do I have a sore tongue?

Anaemia (also known as an iron deficiency) can cause symptoms in the mouth such as a sore tongue, ulcers and or sores. 

Does anaemia cause bruising?

Anaemia may result in not being able to make enough red blood cells as well as a reduction in platelet production. Platelets are the first step in blood clotting, so a reduction in platelet leads to increased bruising.

What does an iron deficiency do to your tongue?

Signs of an iron deficiency include swollen, inflamed, pale or strangely smooth tongue.

What are some symptoms of low iron?

Paleness or lack of colour in the skin, irritability, lack of energy or tiring easily, increased heart rate, sore or swollen tongue, enlarged spleen, a desire to eat peculiar substances such as dirt or ice. 

Signs of low iron in your eyes:

If you pull your lower eyelid down while looking in a mirror, the inside layer should be a vibrant red colour. If it is a very pale pink or yellow, you may have an iron deficiency.

Does an iron deficiency cause mouth ulcers?

Anaemia (also known as an iron deficiency) can cause symptoms in the mouth such as a sore tongue, ulcers and or sores.

Does low iron make you cold?

Most commonly, low iron makes you tired, cold and short of breath.

Does low iron make you dizzy?

Iron deficiency can cause you to feel dizzy or lightheaded.

Does low iron affect your nails?

Usually, the first sign of an iron deficiency is brittle nails that chip and crack easily.

Can anaemia cause itchy skin?

People with an iron deficiency may experience itchy skin (pruritus) that can become red, bumpy and sore when scratched.

Anaemic gums vs normal gums:

Instead of a typical, healthy pink, the gums take on a faded or whiter shade of their standard colour.