Ozone Therapy

How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

We offer a superior treatment using the latest technology ozone device, it gently extracts your blood and passes it through an oxidation chamber. Within the chamber, it is combined with an equal volume of ozone at a high concentration before being passed back into your body. The sessions usually take around 2 hours.

This process is known as ‘one pass’.  At Get A Drip, we offer 3, 5 and 10-pass treatments – with 10 considered to be the optimum number for powerful and effective ozone therapy.

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Ozone Therapy Prices & Packages

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3 Pass Ozone Therapy

What's Included? Price
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- 1 treatment
- Initial medical consultation
- 1 x 3 pass ozone therapy session
- 5 treatment course
- Initial medical consultation
- 5 x 3 pass ozone therapy sessions
- 10 treatment course
- Initial medical consultation
- 10 x 3 pass ozone therapy sessions

5 Pass Ozone Therapy

What's Included? Price
(30% Off*)
- 1 treatment
- Initial medical consultation
- 1 x 5 pass ozone therapy session
- 5 treatment course
- Initial medical consultation
- 5 x 5 pass ozone therapy sessions
- 10 treatment course
- Initial medical consultation
- 10 x 5 pass ozone therapy sessions

10 Pass Ozone Therapy

What's Included? Price
(30% Off*)
- 1 treatment
- Initial medical consultation
- 1 x 10 pass ozone therapy session
- 5 treatment course
- Initial medical consultation
- 5 x 10 pass ozone therapy sessions
- 10 treatment course
- Initial medical consultation
- 10 x 10 pass ozone therapy sessions
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Benefits of Ozone Therapy

The applications of ozone therapy are extremely diverse, and may help combat some of the trickiest acute and chronic diseases, particularly infections.

Reduce inflammation
Improve brain function
Lyme disease
Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)
Lessen fatigue
Fungal and yeast infections, like candida
Rejuvenate skin
Improve circulation
Better cognition and focus
Boost energy levels
Fibromyalgia / chronic pain / complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
Joint pain and inflammation — Ozone can be injected directly into the affected area
Ageing-related illnesses / longevity
Pain relief

These are but a few of many ways ozone can be used, but it’s good for just about everything. Multiple studies conducted have found that it is effective for improving over 100 conditions!

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy has been popular since the end of the 19th Century and originates from Germany. More recently, in the 21st Century, it is used by thousands of doctors and nurses in clinics around the world for its unrivalled healing properties. Studies conducted by multiple researchers show that ozone therapy has far greater benefits than oxygen therapy and its varied application forms make it a highly sophisticated and very powerful form of therapy.

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What is Ozone Therapy?

We already know that oxygen and oxidative reactions are essential to cell function and, indeed, life itself. Becoming oxygen deprived can be as easy as simply not breathing deeply enough, which can quickly lead to brain fog, fatigue, and impaired cognitive function. Think of Ozone (O3) as a supercharged form of O2 that – when infused into your bloodstream – improves your oxygen levels, stimulates your immune system, and initiates loads of beneficial health effects!

Get A Drip’s Ozone Therapy is an IV treatment. This means that Ozone (O3) is administered directly into your bloodstream for immediate use. Using the latest technology, our IV Ozone Therapy involves gently extracting your blood and passing it through an oxidation chamber. Here, it is combined with an equal volume of ozone at a high concentration before being passed back into your body.

How Long Does Ozone Therapy Take?

Typically, treatment can take up to 1 hour, depending on the number of passes you choose to have.

For more information about the different number of passes we offer, see ‘What does ‘3/5/10 Pass’ mean’ FAQ.

What are the Benefits of Ozone Therapy?

Some of the major benefits of Ozone Therapy include:

Reduced inflammation – Ozone lowers systemically and locally in the tissue where it is applied. This anti-inflammatory ability is likely due to the combination of 1) oxygen exposure and 2) regulating certain inflammatory pathways in the body.

Improve brain function – The lipo peroxides created when Ozone hits the bloodstream are able to cross the blood-brain barrier, stimulating the mitochondria to “wake up”. This results in the creation of antioxidants and ATP, the energy source for our cells, results in the ability to restore and boost our cognitive function.

Reduce microbial load in chronic infections – Not only does Ozone support the stimulation of the immune system, Ozone itself is also a potent microbial, meaning that it aids in killing bacteria, fungi, viruses etc.. By provoking the immune system to attack and clean up, Ozone Therapy is a powerful ally in treating chronic infections like Lymes, Epstein Bar viruses and candida.

Who can Benefit From Ozone Therapy?

One of the most compelling things about IV Ozone Therapy is that it can be used both preventatively and therapeutically, depending on your health goals. This means that you do not have to wait until you are ill or in pain to start reaping the many benefits of this service: you can use it as a way to stay healthy, maintain good wellbeing, and help you avoid disease altogether, as well as to address specific health concerns. Numerous studies have found that Ozone Therapy can help with over 100 health conditions.

Anyone can benefit from the effects of Ozone Therapy!

What Does ‘3/5/10 Pass’ Mean?

A ‘Pass’ refers to how many times your blood will go through the Ozone machine and into your body over the course of a single treatment session, every time providing more Ozone. The more times your blood passes through the machine, the greater the beneficial effects of Ozone will have on you. We offer 3 pass, 5 pass and 10 pass services in packages of 1, 5 and 10 sessions.

Our 10 Pass option is the gold standard – more effective than our 3 and 5 Pass services – since stem cell activation only occurs from 8 passes onwards. New Ozone Therapy users may like to start with a lower number of passes, and slowly work up to 10 Pass treatment.

Our Medical Staff can advise you on the most suitable service / package for your health and wellness needs, taking time constraints, vein condition, medical history, and any previous experience with Ozone into consideration too.

How Soon After the Treatment Will I Feel the Effects?

The answer to this question will vary person to person. It depends on what you are trying to achieve, and how many passes you opt for.

For example, just one session of Ozone Therapy can provide pain relieving effects that are felt immediately after – or even during – treatment. An improvement in skin health may be observed during the week after your appointment, and recovery from injury can be supported over the course of months.

How Often Should I Have Ozone Therapy?

You can choose to have Ozone Therapy up to once a week with Get A Drip, depending on your health goals and what you wish to achieve. Our Medical Staff can provide you with recommendations regarding treatment frequency upon consultation.

Can I Have Ozone Therapy Alongside Other Get A Drip Services?

Ozone Therapy is a great way to complement other wellness therapies, such as IV Vitamin Drips, Booster Shot Injections, Cryotherapy, and Red Light Therapy. Our Medical Team can advise you on which specific services are best for you, based on your individual health goals.

Is Ozone Therapy Painful?

No, Ozone Therapy is not painful. However, you may feel a little pinch of discomfort upon venous access, since the Ozone Therapy we provide is intravenous (IV).

We do our best to make each experience as pain-free and pleasant as possible, although everyone has their own pain threshold. We always offer clients an application of topical numbing spray, for added comfort.

Is Ozone Therapy Safe?

When administered by properly trained and qualified health professionals – such as our Registered Medical Staff – IV Ozone Therapy is extremely safe.

Are There any Negative Side Effects?

Side effects of Ozone Therapy may include: burning eyes, nausea, lightheadedness, or a mild headache all of which are temporary and will be resolved shortly after treatment.

Our Registered Medical Staff will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are comfortable while receiving treatment.

Which Get A Drip Clinics Offer Ozone Therapy?

Ozone Therapy is currently available at our Canary Wharf clinic only. But keep tuned – it will be coming to our other locations later on!